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Cancer Self-Harm Survivor


i know the boys always joke about zayn being “unreachable” but I am 100% positive he always picks up when liam calls



Due to recent events, I’d like to ask a favor.
If you are an active 1D blog who does not ship any of the members believing they are together as a romance, please reblog this.
I want to make a directory list for myself & others to have a place to find ‘like minds’, who…


this is literally the cutes thing ever omfg Harry 

Anonymous asked: Can you rlly imagine a life with zayn tho? Like married? Like idk personality I love him but can't picture that for myself


yes as long as he’s cool with never ever seeing any of his psycho family ever again im already filing for a restraining order on them all 

“You made me happy when I should have been miserable. You were the only person who could reach me, and maybe that scared me. You accepted me—broken and faulty.”

Monica Alexander, Buried Castles (via r-ilatine)

(Source: simply-quotes.net)